Gemerli Special Services Improve Your Facial Features, Especially Your Eyelashes

Your face is the first thing that comes into the notice when you appear in front of someone. Hence, the first impression must always be taken care of. No matter what complexion you hold but the glow should always be ongoing. Getting a facial treatment done to improve your look and appeal is considered as the best method for many so far as enhancing the facial glow is concerned. Well, why do you forget that your face is not just one part but a combination of multiple parts, of which eyelashes are an important component? Having thick and dense eyelash gives your face an extremely stronger appeal, believe it or not.

Eyelash Extension

Gemerli uses her qualification to the utmost possible extent and makes sure the eyelashes are well treated without the use of any harmful chemical, which thereby makes it the best eyelash extensions method. Eyes are too sensitive to bear harsh chemicals and our beautician understands that very well. Thus, she ensures the beauty products used for the eyes are not harmful. Our Eyelash Extension services, available at affordable eyelash extensions cost, include:

  • Full set
  • Extension 3D
  • Refill Eyelash
  • Refill 3D

We also offer other eyelash treatments like eyelash tinting along with effective eyebrow tinting.

Facial Massage

The 1-hour session by Gemerli is what makes your face glow brighter and brighter. The USA-NUSKIN Company products make the massage session one of the most effective facial treatments offered by Eye Lashes Extension Nail And Beauty By Gemerli. She offers the mask treatment for 15 minutes while massaging your head and neck in the meantime. The Vitamin C and E along with the collagen that these products offer increases the lease of life of your skin and your overall face.

These products used for facial massage helps in the:

  • Removal of wrinkles from the face,
  • Lifting and tightening of the face,
  • Fixing acne scans, prints, and pits

To get the most effective treatment for your face and eyelash, you can surely trust us. We are just a call away for you to connect.