We Are Your Nail Salon Too

Nails may not come into the focus frequently when you are in a crowd but if they are properly maintained and are glossy, they are vital enough to attract the attention. While most of you remain ignorant about the maintenance of your nails, it is still recommended to try the expertise of Gemerli at least once. Once you come to us, you will continue visiting our expert at regular intervals. With the best nail manicure treatment, your overall appearance gets enhanced. If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself.

Imagine, you are wearing a beautiful sandal with an amazing gown for a party. Everything is just perfect until someone comes to you and asks the reason why you didn’t get the nail pedicure done. Won’t it be an embarrassing situation? Of course, it will be. Thus, you must always try to make your appearance compliment your dress and sandals by undergoing nail treatments as and when required.

Hygiene Is Taken Care Of

Nails are prone to getting infected easily, thereby offering a gateway to the germs for entering into the body. Thus, the environment in which the nails are being treated needs to be cleaned. The level of hygiene to be maintained is high and one should not be casual about this aspect of the process. Gemerli guarantees offering clean and hygienic spaces for nail treatment. From ensuring tidiness in the entire area to making sure the benches are cleaned before the treatment of every client, our expert remains careful throughout the day in assuring of healthy and hygienic treatment.

When you come to Gemerli for the best nail treatment, she takes care of everything from giving your nails a shiny appeal to applying nail polish to make them more attractive. If you desire to get the most effective nail treatment results in and across Maidstone, Essendon, Maribyrnong, and , choosing us would be the best choice.

Expert Nail Salon in Melbourne, Pascoe Vale, Essendon, Maribyrnong

Your nails deserve to look their best when you are getting ready for an occasion. Notice how wearing the most intricately designed dresses and attires can still fall short of an impact if the nails didn't look as outstanding. People tend to notice the hands of the person standing across from them more than what they are wearing. This is because the hands are apparent within the visual range of an individual thus making it easier to notice the nails.

Now you can relish fabulous-looking nails before any occasion or event, available at an unbelievably affordable price from Gemerli. We are a fully equipped and experienced nail salon in Pasco Vale and we can guarantee that your nails would look stunning when you walk out.

Our experts are always ready for a challenge and will take your opinion into account before proceeding. You can expect to be pampered in a calm, clean and relaxing environment while the nail expert exfoliates your hands. Once they are done with exfoliations, the technician would apply a hardening gel which is dried using a UV light. The candidate does not need to move a muscle during the entire process.

A wide range of Nail Options is Available

At Gemerli, we guarantee that you won't need to search for another "nail salon near me in Melbourne". We provide you with every type of nail service you will ever desire. When you enter our salon, you will be greeted courteously by our staff.

Each member of our team has been handpicked for their skills and trained to specialize in different variations of nail services in Essendon. Initially, our technicians will consult with you to discover what you have planned for your nails.

You will be seated in a comfortable position while our nail experts walk you through the different options you could try out. If you intend to have nail art done over your nails, then you will surely be glad to check out our large catalogue of options. You can also have our nail artists recommend a fresh new art design for your nails so that your nails feel completely new and unique. The nail products we use are the best in the industry.

Our nail salon lashes in Maribyrnong are completely safe to use and guaranteed to last long. We also have a wide range of nail polish options including almost every colour you could ask for. You can expect your nails to look nothing less than stunning once you walk out of our salon.

It is a Unique and Relaxing Experience

When you enter our salon, you are met with a brightly lit and welcoming ambience. The Gemerli salon is put through exhaustive deep cleaning routines every week. The entire salon including all the stations, appliances and equipment are appropriately sanitized. We make it our highest priority to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all of our customers.